About Us

Health is about more than lovingly curated products. It's about having access to natural pain management services and affordable coverage. At BuyWell, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you access to all categories of health and wellness - regardless of your age, gender or background. Because health has no limitations.

The EPIC Health Group
A patient centric approach to your health & wellness.

Through the EPIC Health Group, patients can access multiple treatment options presented in a multi-disciplinary fashion, taking into account the mind, body & spirit. We are focused on better patient outcomes and a healthier tomorrow. EPIC Health Group bring a health & wellness marketplace, insurance coverage, clinical treatment and educational resources together, for the first time.

What makes us EPIC?


A marketplace with thousands of curated, health & wellness products that are always clean, compliant and cruelty-free. We’re your one-stop health and wellness shop.

EPIC Health Network

Receive access to our various clinics, health practitioners and industry experts who care about positive patient outcomes and the services they provide.

BuyWell Care

BuyWell Care offers Canadians affordable insurance coverage on natural pain management services and medical cannabis prescriptions.

Our Mission
BuyWell makes living your best life, easy.

We are the first of our kind in Canada, and the world – a unified online community of health and wellness experts dedicated to offering access to clean products, top medical services, trusted health practitioners and affordable, innovative medical coverage.

Our philosophy is that living well should be easy. That means providing a simple and convenient way to make informed choices about what you buy and the health & wellness coverage you need.

We are dedicated to transparency, helping our communities and curating a marketplace of products made only from high-quality, natural ingredients. We believe it’s also just as important to commit to what our products aren’t made of, which is why we’ve developed the BuyWell Naughty List: a list of not-so-good-for-you substances you will never find in our lineup.

Buy Well, Live Well