Usually the Physician will not accept the Cannabis for the patient. You can assign a caregiver, and fill out the appropriate paperwork with the LP directly.

If you have designated someone else to pick up the package with the LP, their name and yours will be on the package. Only the name(s) on the package is allowed to pick it up from the delivery service

Yes, with Markers and Buywell Care Plus, your records are kept confidential and compliant with HIPPA standards.

Edible products are not legal in Canada yet. Sprays and other oral ingestion methods are available.

Over 10 years of daily use of high THC cannabis can cause anxiety, and other mental issues as small amounts of research have found to date. Ongoing research is continuing on this topic.

Each Licensed Producer has their own return policies. Please see their website for details.

Travelling within Canada you can carry up to 150 grams. Outside of Canada it is illegal.